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It is important to rekey your locks after every tenant and security guard change; otherwise, it may pose a threat to your premises. It is very much essential to rekey your locks after a change of hands, as it could be unsafe to use the old keys that can be duplicated easily. Miscreants may use the copied key to gain access into your premises surreptitiously. Interstate Locksmith Shop believes in providing a good security measure to the people in and around Louisville, KY by offering rekeying locks service at an affordable price.

When should you get your locks rekeyed?

If you have bought a new property or are encountering a tenant change, it becomes compulsory to rekey the locks. It is important to ensure that the old keys will no more function, as it could be a threat to your security. Rekeying is almost as efficient as replacing the entire locking system in these cases, as the opportunity of using the old key will be nullified. This is a compelling upgrade, which gives complete control over your security system with the help of the new keys without the need for spending excessive money over replacements.

Rekeying Locks – a better option?

Interstate Locksmith Shop Louisville, KY 502-482-5420When you have misplaced your key, it is very much essential to duplicate the key and use it. Replacing the entire locking system could be safer, as the lost key would not operate anymore. However, this could cost a fortune, as the whole set of locks and keys must be replaced. Rekeying is affordable and equally secure since the old keys cannot be used and it gives better key control for your premises.

Replacement is inevitable, if:

  • If your lock has been completely vandalized
  • An outdated and rusted lock
  • The lock is old
  • Substantial wear and tear on the locks and keys
  • You want to enhance security

Most of the locksmiths suggest lock replacements unnecessarily and end up duping gullible customers. Interstate Locksmith Shop believes in providing services at reasonable costs by minimizing the expenditure of the accessories and labor. Our experienced staff studies and analyses the issue before planning up to the final solution based on the conditions. We have been the most trusted locksmiths to the people of Louisville, KY, as Interstate Locksmith Shop believes in providing quality-oriented services without compromising on our integrity.

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